King County District Court Bellevue DUI

Arrested for a DUI by the Bellevue Police Department in the City of Bellevue limits?

Then you will most likely face a charge in King County District Court the Bellevue Division.  Essentially the Courthouse hears the City of Bellevue cases.  It really should be called Bellevue Municipal Court since it doesn’t hear cases that fall under the King County jurisdiction.

What is the King County District Court Bellevue Division like?

The King County District Court Bellevue Division is located at 585 112th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004.  There are two different courtrooms in this Courthouse.  Each with a specific Judge that hears cases in that particular room.  Every so often a Judge will rotate to a different Court, or there will be a substitute Judge.  But for the most part, any experienced lawyer will know who the particular Judge is in a particular Court and be familiar with the type of Judge they are in terms of previous rulings in DUI related cases.

What are the Prosecutors like?

The City of Bellevue Prosecutors office hears the misdemeanor cases in this Courthouse.  The Prosecutors have a reputation for being hard on DUI cases especially if the defendant has a prior offense.  Despite their tough stance in Bellevue, I find them pleasant and professional to work with.

What happens after a DUI arrest made?

If you were arrested by the Bellevue Police Department then the Court will mail you a letter a month or two after the arrest notifying you of a court date.  It is not uncommon for this letter to come even later than that, but 1-3 months is the average.  The Prosecutor’s Office does have up to 2 years to decide to file charges on a DUI case, however, I have never heard of this particular Prosecutors office taking that long to file a DUI charge.

Just because these DUI cases do not get filed right away does not mean you should wait to hire a Seattle DUI Attorney.  Evidence can disappear the longer you wait to hire a DUI Attorney.  For example, if you were taken to the Bellevue Police Department then there is probably a good chance a video of the administration of the breath test as well as video in the precinct exists.  If it is not requested in a certain time frame it gets deleted.

General thoughts about practicing in King County District Court Bellevue Division

This is not a bad place to have a DUI case especially if it is a first offense with a relatively low breath test.  For example, my last case that was reduced to a lesser charge there was granted a deferred sentence over the Prosecutor’s objection.  Meaning if my client stays out of trouble for the next 2 years the lesser charge will be dismissed.  The Courthouse itself is nice and has a free parking lot.  Also one of my favorite Starbucks is down the road.  Which is always a plus.