Bellevue DUI Defense Attorney

Bellevue DUI Defense Attorney

A DUI arrest is a very critical situation to face. The arrest not only causes a great amount of stress and embarrassment to the individual, but it frequently brings about two additional, separate legal actions. Such legal actions are set into motion by the State of Washington, targeting those who have been arrested for a DUI. These are the actions that may be taken by the State of Washington:

  1. Suspension of the DUI perpetrator’s driver’s license
  2. Engaging with the legal justice system

Possessing a better understanding of what sort of consequences are at stake when you have been arrested for DUI will help you more comfortably navigate this stressful situation. Here is what you can expect the State of Washington to do following a Bellevue DUI arrest.

Bellevue DUI Defense Attorney

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License Suspension

If the State of Washington moves to suspend your driver’s license, it can be very difficult to contest. Contesting the suspension of your license is difficult not only due to stringent form and payment dealings, but also because there are different eligibility requirements for being able to do so.

These eligibility requirements include a history of any prior offenses, any potential insurance, and your blood alcohol level at the moment of the arrest. A Bellevue DUI defense lawyer is capable of identifying ways to avoid the license suspension altogether, as well as mitigate any severity or impact of the suspension, if the State of Washington chooses to suspend regardless.

DUI in Court

When you have been formally charged by the State of Washington with a DUI, you will be assigned a court date in which the charges will be presented, and you will formally enter a plea. There may be several other components of the DUI court session that are put into motion, including bail or other special conditions of release. Following this court session, there will be another DUI hearing scheduled where you will be able to progress your case to another pretrial hearing, plead guilty, and accept an available plea deal. Or, you may assert that you are not guilty of the charge and set your case in motion for a full trial.

This process can be very complicated and have serious ramifications if navigated incorrectly; a DUI defense attorney is able to clearly articulate your available options, suggest the ideal solution given the case, and provide any additional aid as you prepare yourself and your case for a trial.


Bellevue DUI Defense Attorney

Drunk Driving

If you have undergone a DUI arrest recently, a highly-qualified, successful, and experienced Bellevue drunk driving defense attorney will be your greatest asset in building a strong, reliable defense that will allow you to contest your DUI charge in a favorable outcome. Beyond simply providing assistance in coping with a license suspension, a drunk driving lawyer can gather and present a formidable defense that can be presented confidently in court.

Marijuana DUI

The process of being charged with a marijuana DUI shares a lot of common ground with the process involved in a standard alcohol DUI. A marijuana DUI presents the same potential charges as well as the risk of license suspension. Typical penalties for a Bellevue marijuana DUI include a range of 1 to 364 days in jail, a substantial fine, suspension of your driver’s license, 5 years of legal probation, and an assessment to determine any chemical dependency.

A Bellevue marijuana DUI attorney will work directly with you to illustrate the charges against you as well as the options that are available. Working with a Bellevue marijuana DUI lawyer means you will have an agent to identify your best options, collect key evidence, and be at your defense in court.

Bellevue DUI Attorney

Matthew Leyba is a highly successful and devoted DUI defense attorney in Bellevue, WA. He is able to defend his clients with complete confidence and comfort by carefully working to gather evidence, prepare cases, and communicate with his clients in a clear and professional manner. For additional information, or to schedule a free, 60-minute consultation, contact him by calling Leyba Defense or by filling out our contact information form.