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These days, DWI seems to be almost everywhere. There has been a rising trend in the number of DWI cases recently. However, the truth is that, all through these years, rules have become more stringent significantly and therefore it is quite easy ending up with a DWI for almost every individual. There are strict rules that surround a particular DWI and therefore the consequences also tend to be serious. This means that the frequency of this offense is something that should not be taken lightly. For challenging a DWI accusation, an individual needs a very strong defense and this is where the importance of a lawyer or Seattle DWI lawyer comes in.

The Best Legal Service at Your Disposal

We at Leyba Defense PLLC have the expertise and the knowledge of DWI accusations and therefore, offer you an experienced DWI lawyer. The DWI attorney we provide is well aware of the allowable and the necessary varieties of evidence that need to be introduced in the trial procedure. A DWI is an individual’s first brush of the entire criminal justice mechanism and therefore it can be stressful and at the same time scary. The Seattle DWI attorney at Leyba Defense PLLC can always be contacted in order to get free consultation on DWI 24/7. We are a company serving in the form of an exclusive Seattle DWI law organization located in the heart of the city. We also have operating offices in Bellevue and Bothell. We genuinely work with the main objective of answering all the questions of our clients and putting their mind at complete ease. When going for DWI attorneys, it is not enough to settle for them at the first go. With Leyba Defense PLLC, you get to speak with the firm owner himself, Matthew Leyba.

Recommendations from our DUI arrested Clients

We have always been recognized for providing the best when it comes to getting a Seattle DUI attorney. Our success rate in getting a particular DWI reduced or dismissed has always remained high and this is something that speaks of our dependable and trustworthy services. All our clients always have positive reviews for us and this keeps on adding to our successful track record. Our office at Seattle also possesses a number of matchless positive reviews from the former clients explaining their experience while taking our services. Our clients always recommend us as their first priority when it comes to choosing the best DWI attorney in Seattle. We are genuinely the best DWI defense firm in Seattle mainly due to the fact that we handle DUI related offenses exclusively and in the most sincere and genuine manner.

The Genuinely Nature of Our Legal Services

Our law practice in Seattle is completely dedicated to representing the DUI accused throughout Western Washington along with the other surrounding regions. We are specialized in the practice of DUI defense covering innumerable areas which include Seattle human physiology, law, basic physics, and chemistry. DUI lawyer, Matthew Leyba takes utmost pride in having great knowledge of each and every aspect of the DUI defense and works with the mission of providing the greatest quality of legal representation to all his clients.