Peer Reviews

What do Matthew’s colleagues have to say about him and his skills as a DUI Trial Attorney….

“Matt is a very experienced trial attorney and a nice guy to boot. I can recommend his services without reservation.” – S. L. Criminal Defense Attorney in Seattle

“I endorse this lawyer. I know Mr. Leyba from court and by reputation. His courtroom presentation and reputation are both sterling. Mr. Leyba is an excellent choice as your attorney.” – J. W. Criminal Defense Attorney in Seattle

“Matt is a great attorney. He is always prepared and gets the right results for his clients.” – D. O. DUI Attorney in Seattle

“I endorse this lawyer. When I was a prosecutor, I had numerous cases and trials against Mr. Leyba. Fortunately, for me now, we are now colleagues on the same side. Simply put, he is a Super Lawyer. He is very likeable, personable, and highly knowledgeable in all areas of criminal law, but most especially in DUI defense. His legal skills and analytical skills are top notch and his command of procedural laws is very strong. He is very articulate and well spoken and thinks quickly on his feet. He excels in the area of trial law. He is one of the Best Trial attorneys I know in this state and one of the best DUI Defense attorneys. He is a dangerous opponent for prosecutors and Judges and jurors love Mr. Leyba and when he speaks, they listen. His actions and results speak for themselves I recommend Mr. Leyba without reservation. A 10, no doubt about it.” – H.C. Criminal Defense Attorney in Bellevue

“Matthew is an outstanding advocate for clients facing DUI charges. He is a highly competent attorney. I refer criminal cases to him with confidence.” – C.E. Family Law Attorney in Seattle

“As a supervising Prosecutor in District Court I handled hundreds of cases with Mr. Leyba. I found him to be tireless advocate for his clients and an exceptionally skilled trial attorney. His combination of diligence and hard work coupled with his ability to connect with a jury translated time and time again into favorable results for his clients.” – C.A. Litigation Attorney in Seattle

“Matthew is a stellar advocate for his clients. I would highly recommend him to assist you with your criminal case.” – N.W. DUI Attorney in Bellevue

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Matthew is an exceptional attorney. I’ve handled probably 50 or so cases set for trial with him. He is consistently diligent, prepared, knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge on DUI laws and issues and is incredibly bright. He has substantial trial experience and is always a passionate advocate for his clients.” – S.D. Criminal Defense attorney in Seattle

“Matt is a great trial lawyer. He represents his clients with skill and passion, both in and out of the courtroom.” – K.P. DUI Lawyer in Bellevue  

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