DUI Lawyer in Seattle

A DUI arrest is a very serious matter, so having a DUI lawyer on your case is important. Not only can it be an embarrassing and stressful event, but the arrest usually results in two separate legal actions. These actions are taken by the state of Washington against those arrested for a DUI. The first action is an attempt to suspend the driver’s license, and the second action is to deal with the legal justice system.

Seattle DUI lawyer

License Suspension

Contesting a license suspension is a complicated and tricky matter. Not only are there payment and form deadlines, but there are different qualifications based on your prior offenses, blood alcohol level at the time of the offense, and potential insurance. A Seattle DUI defense lawyer will work to find ways to avoid the suspension and, if one is granted, can find ways to help you alleviate the impact of the suspension.


DUI in Court

If you are formally charged with a DUI, you will receive a court date where the charges will be read and you will formally enter a plea. Several other elements may be set to order, such as bail or other release conditions. Another DUI hearing will be scheduled where you can continue your case to another pretrial hearing, plead guilty or accept a plea deal that is offered, or you can maintain that you are not guilty and set your case for trial.

Throughout this process, a DUI defense attorney can advise you on available options, provide ideal solutions, and provide additional assistance as you prepare your case for trial.


Drunk Driving

If you have recently been involved in a DUI arrest, a qualified, experienced, and successful Seattle drunk driving attorney can help you to build a reliable defense to successfully contest a DUI charge. In addition to assisting in the handling of a license suspension, a drunk driving defense lawyer can collect reliable evidence to build a reliable defense that can be confidently presented in court.


Marijuana DUI

Receiving a marijuana DUI is very similar to receiving a standard alcohol DUI, as there are potential charges and license suspensions. Penalties for a Seattle Marijuana DUI tend to include charges of 1 to 364 days in jail, a large fine, license suspension, 5 years probation, and chemical dependency assessments. A Seattle marijuana DUI attorney can help to explain the charges and options available to you, gather evidence, and defend you in court.


Seattle DUI Attorney

Matthew Leyba is a committed and successful DUI defense attorney in Seattle, WA. He works diligently to collect evidence, prepare cases, and communicate with clients allowing him to comfortably and confidently defend them in court. For more information, or for a free 60-minute consultation, contact Leyba Defense.