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    King County District Court Redmond DUI

    Arrested for a DUI by the Washington State Patrol in Redmond, Bellevue area or King County?

    Then you will most likely face a DUI charge in King County District Court the Redmond Division. However, some Troopers who make DUI arrests in the Ballard, Fremont area of Seattle file their cases in the King County District Court Redmond Division. Any experienced DUI Lawyer will be able to tell you where your DUI case will be filed just by hearing the Trooper’s name. When interviewing possible DUI Lawyers this should be a question that will weed out the better more experienced DUI Lawyers with the pretenders that have become so abundant recently.

    What is the King County District Court Redmond Division like?

    The King County District Court Redmond Division is located at 8601 160th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052.  There are four different courtrooms in this Courthouse.  Each with a specific Judge that hears cases in that particular room.  Every so often a Judge will rotate to a different Court, or there will be a substitute Judge.  But for the most part, any experienced DUI lawyer will know who the particular Judge is in a particular Court and be familiar with the type of Judge they are in terms of previous rulings in DUI related cases.

    What are the Prosecutors like?

    The King County District Court Redmond Division hears several different jurisdictions other than just King County cases.

    If you were arrested by a Washington State Patrol officer then the King County Prosecutors Office will prosecute the case. The King County Prosecutors that work in Redmond have a reputation for being very tough on DUI crimes, especially if the case involves a high breath test, an accident, or a repeat DUI offender. However most of the Prosecutors that appear at the District Court level are new lawyers who just passed the bar, recent law school graduates, or in some cases, law student interns called Rule 9’s. Regardless of the level of experience, the Prosecutor is for the most part given complete discretion to negotiate and plea bargain cases by their Supervising Attorney.

    If you were arrested by a City of Redmond police officer than your case will be handled by a different Prosecutor. I have found these Prosecutors to be much more reasonable than their King County counterparts. Especially when it comes to first offense DUI cases with a reasonable breath test level and no accident.

    In addition to providing services for the King County cases, and the City of Redmond. This facility provides court services for the cities of Duvall, Skykomish, and Woodinville. Some of these municipalities have night court from 6:30 pm until all the cases are heard. So if you receive a notice of a Court date and it reads 6:30 pm don’t freak out this Court actually hears cases that late.

    What happens after a DUI arrest made?

    If you were arrested for a DUI and your case is filed by the King County Prosecutors Office Redmond Division then the Court will mail you a letter a month or two after the arrest notifying you of a court date. It is not uncommon for this letter to come even later than that, but 1-3 months is the average. The Prosecutor’s Office does have up to 2 years to decide to file charges on a DUI case and it is not unheard of for them to take that long.

    Just because these DUI cases do not get filed right away does not mean you should wait to hire a Seattle DUI Attorney. In many cases, the Washington State Patrol Troopers have audio video equipment in their vehicles and some police stations have video equipment in their breath testing rooms. Failure to request this evidence in a timely manner can result in it being destroyed or recorded over.

    This filing time frame is also pretty similar for cases arising out of the cities of Duvall, Redmond, Skykomish and Woodinville.

    General thoughts about practicing in King County District Court Redmond Division

    This is probably my favorite King County Court to practice in. Several Judges out there sometimes grant deferred sentences on reduced DUI cases ultimately resulting in the charge being dismissed after 2 years. The Courthouse itself has a free parking lot and the surrounding area is nice. In terms of the Prosecutors they change so much, it is difficult to predict what an outcome to a case in particular DUI cases would be.

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