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    Are you searching for a trusted, effective legal defense attorney in Bellevue? Located just 15 minutes from Bellevue, Matthew Leyba is one of the Seattle area’s top-rated criminal defense lawyers and DUI.

    From alcohol, marijuana, and other DUI arrests to criminal defense, reckless driving, and more—Leyba Defense PLLC specializes in providing expert legal advice, support, and assistance to people facing a wide range of charges.

    With a perfect 10 out of 10 rating on Avvo (an online lawyer rating service) and in the Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Defense Lawyer rating by the American Society of Legal Advocates, Matthew Leyba is a great choice if you’re searching for a Bellevue-area DUI attorney.

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    Below, you can learn more about the services offered by Leyba Defense PLLC, as well as the options available to you as a client

    Bellevue DUI Attorney

    Have you been arrested for driving under the influence? DUI arrests are serious situations that can affect your criminal record and potentially prevent you from driving. If you have a previous DUI, you could potentially face jail time and a significantly higher fine.

    As a specialist in DUI defense, Matthew Leyba can help you build a robust, reliable defense to contest your DUI charge.

    alcohol and keys

    From collecting evidence to argue your case during your DUI hearing, Matthew Leyba has an extensive amount of experience dealing with the DUI process. Leyba Defense PLLC can provide help, expertise, and assistance throughout the entire process of preparing your case for trial.

    Marijuana DUI Arrest Attorney

    Have you been arrested for driving while under the influence of marijuana? Although Initiative 502 removed prohibitions for producing, selling, and possessing marijuana in Washington, it’s still illegal to operate a car, motorcycle, or other vehicles while under the influence of marijuana.

    Known as a “Green DUI,” marijuana DUIs are serious offenses that require a complete, robust defense.

    If you’re arrested for a marijuana DUI, you’ll be transported to a hospital and asked to provide a voluntary blood sample. As with an alcohol DUI, you can choose to provide a blood sample or choose not to take the blood test.

    In the event that you’re found guilty of marijuana DUI, you could face anywhere from one to 364 days in jail, a fine of $944.50 to $5,000, a license suspension of 90 days to four years, and up to five years of probation. You may also need to complete a chemical dependency assessment.

    Marijuana DUI arrests can take several months to progress into an arraignment. As a specialist in DUI cases, Matthew Leyba can help you defend yourself against marijuana DUI charges and avoid restrictions to your ability to use a vehicle after a marijuana DUI arrest.

    Minor DUI Attorney

    Commonly referred to as a “minor DUI,” driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.02 – 0.079 (as measured within two hours of the incident) as a person under the age of 21 is enough for you to face arrest.

    If you’re arrested for a minor DUI, you face a mandatory license suspension of at least 90 days—a major setback if you rely on your vehicle for your career or education. You can also face a second legal action through the criminal court.

    Although a minor DUI is a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of up to 90 days in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, and no mandatory license suspension on conviction, it’s still a serious matter that requires a strong defense.

    Because of this, it’s essential that you work with an experienced DUI attorney to defend yourself against a minor DUI charge. As an expert in DUI defense, Matthew Leyba can help you prepare an effective, comprehensive defense against minor DUI charges.

    BUI Arrest Attorney

    Operating a vessel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or BUI (Boating Under the Influence), is a misdemeanor in the State of Washington. While a BUI doesn’t carry a mandatory minimum penalty like a DUI charge, it does carry a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

    Like a DUI, it’s important to contact a qualified, capable attorney if you’re charged with a BUI. As an expert in DUI and BUI cases, Matthew Leyba can help you defend yourself against a charge of operating a vessel while under the influence.

    DUI Deferred Prosecution Attorney

    Have you been charged with a DUI? Although a DUI is a serious crime with several mandatory penalties, people charged with a DUI can enter into a deferred prosecution, allowing the person charged with the crime to potentially avoid all fines, jail time and license suspension.

    To enter into a deferred prosecution, the person charged with a DUI must agree to certain terms outlined in RCW 10.05. A DUI deferred prosecution can only be done once in an individual’s life, making it important to discuss the matter thoroughly with an experienced DUI attorney.

    As part of the deferred prosecution process, you will likely need to complete an alcohol and drug assessment, and a comprehensive treatment program.

    As a specialist in DUI cases, Matthew Leyba can help you learn more about the options that are available to you after a DUI arrest and, if deferred prosecution is the best solution, assist and defend you throughout the entire process.

    Bellevue Criminal Defense Attorney

    Facing criminal charges can be a daunting, terrifying process. Because of this, it’s essential that you have an experienced, qualified, and capable defense attorney to provide the help, expertise, and assistance you need to achieve a successful result in your case.


    As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Matthew Leyba can help you develop an effective, robust defense and determine the best approach for your criminal case.

    Bellevue Reckless Driving Attorney

    Whether as its own offense or as a negotiate offense following a DUI arrest, a reckless driving charge carries a license suspension of up to 30 days.

    Although reckless driving is considered a less serious offense than a DUI charge, it still requires careful attention. As a qualified attorney specializing in DUI, reckless driving, and other driving offenses, Matthew Leyba can help you deal with a charge of reckless driving.

    Negligent Driving 1st-Degree

    Frequently negotiated as a reduced charge from a DUI, negligent driving 1st degree is a driving offense. It’s also a criminal charge, albeit a less severe charge than a DUI. Negligent driving 1st degree is often the result of a DUI case being dismissed and refiled as a new charge.

    Unlike a DUI or reckless driving charge, a negligent driving 1st-degree charge does not result in your license being suspended. It also does not require you to carry SR22 insurance, resulting in fewer long-term legal or insurance consequences than a more significant DUI charge.

    Bellevue Physical Control Arrest Attorney

    If you’ve been arrested for physical control, you face two legal actions: one from the Department of Licensing, which could result in a suspension of your driver’s license, and one from the court system.

    As an experienced DUI and physical control attorney, Matthew Leyba has an extensive record of successful physical control cases and can help you prepare a detailed defense against charges of physical control.

    King County District Court Process

    Arrested for a DUI by the Bellevue Police Department in the City of Bellevue limits?

    Then you will most likely face a charge in King County District Court the Bellevue Division. Essentially the Courthouse hears the City of Bellevue cases. It really should be called Bellevue Municipal Court since it doesn’t hear cases that fall under the King County jurisdiction. Hiring a DUI attorney can be beneficial to you getting a better verdict on your case.

    What is the King County District Court Bellevue Division like?

    The King County District Court Bellevue Division is located at 585 112th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004.  There are two different courtrooms in this Courthouse.  Each with a specific Judge that hears cases in that particular room.  Every so often a Judge will rotate to a different Court, or there will be a substitute Judge.  But for the most part, any experienced lawyer will know who the particular Judge is in a particular Court and be familiar with the type of Judge they are in terms of previous rulings in DUI related cases.

    What are the Prosecutors like?

    The City of Bellevue Prosecutors office hears the misdemeanor cases in this Courthouse. The Prosecutors have a reputation for being hard on DUI cases especially if the defendant has a prior offense. Despite their tough stance in Bellevue, I find them pleasant and professional to work with.

    What happens after a DUI arrest made?

    If you were arrested by the Bellevue Police Department then the Court will mail you a letter a month or two after the arrest notifying you of a court date.  It is not uncommon for this letter to come even later than that, but 1-3 months is the average.  The Prosecutor’s Office does have up to 2 years to decide to file charges on a DUI case, however, I have never heard of this particular Prosecutors office taking that long to file a DUI charge.

    Just because these DUI cases do not get filed right away does not mean you should wait to hire a Seattle DUI Attorney.  Evidence can disappear the longer you wait to hire a DUI Attorney.  For example, if you were taken to the Bellevue Police Department then there is probably a good chance a video of the administration of the breath test as well as video in the precinct exists.  If it is not requested in a certain time frame it gets deleted.

    General thoughts about practicing in King County District Court Bellevue Division

    This is not a bad place to have a DUI case especially if it is the first offense with a relatively low breath test. For example, my last case that was reduced to a lesser charge there was granted a deferred sentence over the Prosecutor’s objection. Meaning if my client stays out of trouble for the next 2 years the lesser charge will be dismissed. The Courthouse itself is nice and has a free parking lot. Also one of my favorite Starbucks is down the road. Which is always a plus.

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