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    DUI Lawyer in Auburn

    A DUI arrest is a very serious charge that comes with a great deal of stress and embarrassment. In a DUI arrest, the state of Washington will usually take two separate legal actions. First, they will attempt to suspend your driver’s license, and second, they will process you in the legal justice system.

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    Your Auburn DUI Attorney

    Attempting to contest a license suspension is a complex and tricky issue. There are payments and forms with short deadlines, and your DUI can fall under different qualifications depending on your prior offenses, blood alcohol content during the time of the offense, and potential insurance. Our Auburn DUI defense lawyer, Matthew Leyba, will work hard to help you avoid your license suspension and alleviate the impact of a suspension.

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    DUI Attorney Services

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    • DUI arrests
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    • Deferred DUI Prosecution
    • Marijuana DUI Prosecution
    • Arrests for Minor DUI
    • Arrests for Physical Control
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    Drunk Driving

    If you are in the Auburn area and have been arrested on suspicion of a DUI, an experienced, qualified attorney can take up the task of developing a successful defense to contest your DUI charge. Additionally, an Auburn lawyer can assist in handling a suspended license and can collect evidence to present a strong defense to present in your court case.

    Marijuana DUI

    A Marijuana DUI is very much like standard alcohol DUI – with both there are potential charges as well as suspensions of license. Marijuana DUI penalties in Auburn often include charges of up to one year in jail, a large fine, suspension of license, and up to 5 years probation and chemical dependency assessments. Auburn DUI attorney Matthew Leyba can explain the charges and options that are available to you, gather evidence and defend your case in court.

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      As an experienced DUI defense attorney, Matthew Leyba is committed to defending your DUI case. He will diligently prepare your case, collecting evidence and communicating with you every step of the way, allowing him to confidently defend his clients in court. For more information, or for a free 60-minute consultation, contact Leyba Defense.