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    Mercer Island Criminal Defense Attorney

    One of the worst situations you might encounter in this life is to be charged with a crime. It is an experience that can be terrifying, leaving you lost and unsure of what to do next. In such a situation it is imperative that you immediately secure legal representation from a proven criminal defense attorney, one who has a proven record in successfully defending those charged with a crime in Mercer Island.

    Mercer Island Criminal Defense Attorney

    Criminal Defense Services for Mercer Island

    Here in Mercer Island, Matthew Leyba of Leyba Defense PLLC, is exactly the attorney you need. His firm’s criminal defense attorneys are experts in providing representation for criminal defense matters. They’re effective, have a proven track record, and are available for a free consultation seven days a week, no matter what the time of day. Though the firm’s home office is located in downtown Seattle, fully staffed offices are also conveniently located in Bellevue and Bothell.

    No matter what the crime or the time or day of the week, if you find yourself in need of the service of Matthew Leyba and his team of criminal defense attorneys, contact them immediately. Your call or email will be returned within one hour or less, and your questions regarding your criminal defense will be directly addressed.

    Because Leyba Defense PLLC is committed to providing every single client with the full attention and devotion to their case they deserve, their client list is limited. This ensures that clients receive the best legal representation available, and that adequate time and resources are allocated to the preparation of their defense. In the case of a Mercer Island client facing a DUI charge, this focus on personal attention and thorough case preparation is evidence of this firm’s prowess in court, allowing the client to rest easy, knowing their case is in good hands.

    A Personal Strategy for Each Client’s Case

    As lead attorney for the firm, Matthew Leyba works with his team on each client’s case, establishing the criminal defense strategy that will best represent the client’s interests. As his team gathers police reports, physical evidence and compiles statements from witnesses, they are always on the lookout for those instances when a police procedure may have been conducted improperly, or for evidence that may be deemed as faulty. This type of information and attention to detail is then used to their client’s advantage.

    Secure a Criminal Defense Attorney Now

    If you’ve been charged with a crime in Mercer Island, don’t hesitate to contact Leyba Defense PLLC immediately. They will arrange for you to receive a free, hour-long confidential criminal defense consultation. They will standtle by your side from your initial arrest all the way through to a successful settlement, if possible, or your trial by jury. Although Leyba Defense PLLC cannot guarantee any specific result for any particular case, they do assure their clients the best possible legal defense, not resting until they have procured an outcome that is in their client’s best interest. Contact Leyba Defense today!

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      Schedule your free 60-minute confidential criminal defense consultation with Matthew Leyba via email, or by calling our office. A Seattle Criminal DWI Lawyer cannot make any guarantees or promises regarding the outcome of a case. However, Leyba Defense PLLC guarantees we will not rest until you receive an outcome that is to your satisfaction and in your best interest.