22 January, 2020

DUIs include a broad range of driving offenses.

A DUI can result from driving while impaired with alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medication, and other substances. When it comes to DUIs and prescription drugs, such as Adderall, drivers land in dicey legal territory.

While it is natural and expected to prioritize health first, law enforcement cares little for doctor’s prescriptions when it comes to road safety.

This creates a lot of confusion and issues for drivers who have been prescribed Adderall. After all, how can they prioritize their health with the threat of lasting legal consequences that DUIs bring?

Can Adderall prescriptions actually land you a DUI charge though? Even if it is prescribed to you by a health professional?

That is a valid question and though the legal territory is confusing, we will answer that question in this article.

Adderall DUI

Can You get a DUI Taking Prescribed Adderall?

Some drivers mistakenly believe that a doctor prescribed drug would never land them a DUI conviction.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Even a valid prescription from a doctor doesn’t protect drivers against DUI charges in Washington State.

Adderall is a prescription medication commonly prescribed by doctors to treat hyperactivity conditions like Narcolepsy and ADHD.

Adderall can affect one’s ability to drive safely and consequently can land drivers a DUI. The actual substance that impairs your driving is often of little consequence — they all earn the same DUI conviction.

Any drug or substance — prescribed or not, if it has the ability to cause impairment, puts drivers at risk of getting a DUI. Adderall is no exception and doctor-ordered prescriptions do little in the way of defense against a DUI conviction.

What are the Penalties for an Adderall DUI?

Penalties for an Adderall DUI may vary depending on the level of impairment as well as the driver’s prescription. An Adderall DUI can be legally prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on whether the driver has had a prior DUI conviction.

Penalties for Adderall DUIs usually include:

  • A large fine
  • DUI probation ranging from three to five years
  • Suspension of driving privileges
  • Possible jail time

DUI penalties are often both severe and expensive. They can range from jail time to expensive fines and reduced driving privileges.

Drivers facing DUI penalties due to prescribed Adderall usage should contact a DUI attorney immediately to make sure that they are able to defend themselves against DUI charges that they feel to be unjust.

How to Defend Against Adderall DUI Charges

DUI charges are taken very seriously in Washington State. Law enforcement isn’t much swayed by doctor’s notes or prescriptions either.

In their mind, it’s all the same and if a driver was driving while even slightly impaired by any substance, there are grounds for a DUI charge.

In order to defend against DUI charges for prescription Adderall, it’s essential that drivers have a DUI attorney to work with.

DUI attorneys understand the ins and outs of every DUI case and know what it takes to build a solid defense against Adderall DUI charges.

While most law enforcement officers treat all DUIs as equal, an expert attorney will be able to help the judge see the unique position of DUI cases with Adderall prescriptions.

DUI charges made on the grounds of doctor prescribed Adderall should not be treated the same way that a DUI from an illegal substance is.

However, unless drivers have qualified legal help on their side, they may end up facing the same legal repercussions that a drunk driver does. This is why it is essential to work with a skilled DUI attorney if you are currently facing DUI charges due to an Adderall prescription, get in touch with a DUI attorney immediately.

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Expert DUI attorney, Matthew Leyba is an experienced legal professional. He has committed the last decade of his life to defend drivers against DUI charges in and around the Seattle area.

DUIs are serious matters and should never be handled casually — the future is at stake.

Getting DUI charges due to an Adderall prescription should not be handled the same way as other DUI convictions, especially if the driver was uninformed that their Adderall prescription could impair their ability to drive.

Matthew Leyba offers a free consultation to first time clients in order to help them understand their charges as well as their best course of legal action.

If you are facing DUI charges due to an Adderall prescription, get in touch with a legal professional immediately.

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