17 February, 2020

A DUI arrest is a very significant charge. Adding to an already embarrassing situation, the stigma of having a DUI on your record represents a challenge to your personal and professional integrity.

Typically, in the state of Washington, the state begins two different legal actions for someone who faces a DUI in Issaquah. The first is an attempt to suspend your driver’s license, and the second is to go through the justice system facing charges.

DUI License Suspension in Issaquah

Avoiding a driver’s license suspension due to your DUI arrest in Issaquah is a very complicated legal maneuver. You must know all the deadlines in place for filing paperwork as well as making the proper payments to reinstate your driving privileges. Other factors in play that can make or break your case to keep your license include any prior charges, your insurance coverage, and what your blood alcohol level was at the time of your arrest. An Issaquah defense attorney can assist you in finding the best path to keeping your license.

DUI in Court

A formal charge of a DUI in Issaquah results in a preliminary court date, at which you will be allowed to go before a judge who reads the formal charges against you, after which you enter a plea to the court. We advise hiring a DUI defense lawyer during this process. A licensed attorney can give you advice on the paths available to you based on the charges, the evidence against you, and the specifics of your case. An experienced attorney will work with you to identify the most advantageous solutions, as well as providing you with assistance in preparing your case should it go to trial.

Drunk Driving Arrest in Issaquah

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, an attorney skilled in handling drunk driving arrests can help you successfully deal with the DUI charges against you. Look for an attorney with the right qualifications who has experience with the successful resolution of these types of cases, and who can help you in collecting evidence and building a defense that will stand up in court.

Marijuana DUI Arrest in Issaquah

The process of getting arrested for a marijuana DUI is comparable to what happens when someone is arrested for an alcohol-involved DUI; there is the potential to have your driver’s license suspended as well as potential criminal charges. Often, the penalties a court impose for receiving a marijuana DUI in Issaquah includes having your license suspended, a substantial fine, a day to a year in jail, up to five years of probation, and even assessments on your chemical dependency. Getting assistance from an attorney with experience in marijuana DUI charges helps to explain the charges against you, review your options at the time of your case, examine the evidence of your case and present the best case to a judge.

Issaquah DUI Attorney

Turn to Matthew Leyba for help. His commitment to his clients and proven track record as a defense attorney for DUI cases will give you peace of mind in dealing with your particular case. He works hard to gather the evidence necessary to defend you in court and prepare the best possible case, and believes that communication between himself and his clients forges a strong attorney-client relationship – this relationship is the key to helping him confidently defend your case in court.

To get a free 60-minute consultation with Matthew Leyba, contact us through our online contact form or call the Leyba Defense office to set up your appointment.