31 October, 2018

Domestic violence is a very serious allegation. It can carry far-reaching repercussions to your work and personal life. Unfortunately, claims of domestic violence are often difficult to disprove. In some cases, domestic violence can be used to obtain a better severance package or a more favorable outcome in civil court.

For this reason, it is possible that allegations can be leveled against you for gain. If you’re concerned about the possibility of domestic violence charges being used as a tool in legal matters or for financial restitution, one thing that can help your case is by having a criminal defense attorney on your side. Read on for some tips on how you can protect yourself.

False domestic abuse allegations

Protecting Yourself in a Workplace Situation

Never schedule one-on-one meetings that are in secluded areas or out of the way. While it’s not always avoidable, removing the possibility for abuse to happen can often protect you from allegations. Always try to meet in a group of three or more, and if it must be a one-on-one meeting, try to have others nearby or leave the door to the office open.

You can take the extra step of sending a follow-up email to the individuals involved in the meeting that provides a quick recap of what was discussed and thanking them for their time. While it won’t protect you from every allegation, keeping running, written documentation of meetings can help show inconsistencies in claims that may be made at a future date.

While you can’t avoid all interactions such as friendly lunches or after-hours work meetings, you can further help protect yourself by taking the time to text or call an individual not present during the meeting. These records can then be used to prove a different time frame that is likely to occur in the event of a false allegation.

You should always take steps to be proactive against potential claims. If you find yourself in a workplace situation where a co-worker has made claims, your name has come up in office gossip or you have rejected a co-worker’s advances, it’s necessary to report any and all occurrences to your supervisor or H.R. department. The most important part of fighting false claims is to have a record that conflicts the claimant’s timeline for allegations. Having these records can be the turning point, in any case, lobbied against you.

In Your Personal Life

Invest in a dash cam. These devices record continuously and can provide all the evidence that you need to avoid not only a false allegation of domestic violence in an alleged traffic altercation but can help to protect you in court for all traffic-related legal matters.

Know your state’s recording laws. While some states require two-party consent to record, many states allow recording of any conversation or interaction between two people with only one person’s consent. That person, of course, would be you. If you’re involved in a contentious relationship with someone who you are afraid may make allegations against you, recording all interactions with that person is the best way to avoid these allegations from gaining legal traction. If you do not live in a state where recording is legal with one-party consent, do not record. You could face steep penalties or jail time if you are caught.

If you live in a two-party consent state, there are still methods you can undertake to protect yourself. Attempt to communicate with the person in question only through written methods, such as text and email. If you must meet with the person, insist that the meeting is done in a public area where there will be witnesses.

Remember, if you are holding a meeting in your office or another area, a simple sign notifying people present that the interactions may be recorded is typically sufficient enough to record the events of the meeting in any state.

Avoiding false allegations can be difficult. Taking these precautions may seem extreme, but in the event that you are charged, they could mean the difference between beating the false charges or facing the repercussions that conviction can bring.

You Find Yourself Accused

In the event that you find yourself the subject of false allegations, it’s vital that you seek the help of an experienced attorney immediately. The longer the claims go uncontested, the harder it may be to clear your name and avoid the legal ramifications. An attorney can begin compiling your evidence to contest the charges as soon as you retain them.

It’s important to take the steps needed to arm yourself with the evidence you need to defend any claims. If you have questions or need legal help in a domestic violence case in the Seattle Washington area, contact us. We pride ourselves providing each case we represent our full service and dedication.