5 July, 2017

So, you went out for drinks with friends after a long work week to blow off steam. You drank a few glasses of water and some soda to make sure you sobered up before you got in the car to drive home for the night. As you get off at your exit on the expressway, you see blue and red lights in your rearview mirror. The officer tells you why they pulled you over and asks if you’ve been drinking. You say yes and agree to a breathalyzer. Sure enough, despite your best efforts to stay safe, you are over the legal limit.

Now you have a DUI charge pending. That means court dates, missing work, and the possibility of a suspended or revoked driver’s license. You are clearly in need of a good lawyer, but how do you know who should defend you in court?

Your DUI Case Deserves A Good Lawyer

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer is not an easy decision, and you need to know how to tell the difference between the real deal and an attorney looking to make a quick buck off of your misfortune. Here are some ways to determine if you are talking to a competent criminal defense lawyer, and what to look for during your initial consultation to help you decide if this is the best lawyer to take your case.

how to find a good DUI lawyer

Having a Highly Qualified Lawyer Matters

DUI and DWI laws do change, and if you are going to win your case you want an attorney that knows the ins-and-outs of your state’s DUI criminal code better than your local district attorney. They should be able to quote specifically which codes you violated, as well as discuss potential strategies for your defense. Without expertise and experience, your lawyer is not going to be able to construct the best possible defense, and that means they aren’t the lawyer for you.

Look For A Lawyer Who Displays True Professionalism

Use common sense when finding the best lawyer for your DUI case.  Consummate professionals look you in the eye when they shake hands. They take notes during your conversation and listen more than they talk. Their primary area of expertise should be defending persons charged with a DUI. Your ideal DUI attorney should have excellent and thoroughly vetted credentials, as well as an upstanding reputation with local prosecutors, judges, and other defense attorneys. These characteristics are the best indicators of an attorney’s professionalism, and any good DUI lawyer is going to show that they are the real deal from the moment you meet them in person.

Credibility and Honesty Are Your Primary Concern

During initial meetings with clients over the years, many have stated that they met with DUI attorneys previously who made a lot of promises before they even looked at the evidence. At Leyba Defense, we’ve heard everything from attorneys promising to get breathalyzer evidence thrown out to promising a win at DOL hearings. It is a sad fact that there are DUI attorneys out there who will say and promise whatever it takes to get a client to sign on with them to take the case. It’s dishonest and bad business, but that never seems to stop it from happening. Be aware that if they are willing to make a lot of promises up front before examining your case, they may be promising more than they can deliver. Be very wary of attorneys who overpromise and under-deliver.

A Trustworthy DUI Attorney

If you are a resident of the Seattle area and in need of an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney, contact Matthew Leyba at Leyba Defense. Matthew has been recognized numerous times as the best DUI Attorney in Seattle by Seattle Met Magazine. He has also been awarded a perfect 10 out of 10 score by Avvo.com, a nationally recognized lawyer rating service.

Don’t wait! Contact Leyba Defense today to set up an appointment for a free consultation, and ensure that your DUI case is being defended by one of the best DUI lawyers in the Seattle Area.