17 August, 2020

House Arrest For A DUI

Is it possible to get house arrest instead of jail time for a DUI? For most people, house arrest for a DUI is preferable to time spent in jail. This is not an option for those guilty of violent crimes, but what about DUI offenders?

If the DUI in question didn’t result in great physical or property damage to another person, it may be possible to get house arrest instead of jail time.

What to Know About Washington State DUI House Arrests

Here are the basics regarding DUI house arrest in Washington State. As misconceptions about house arrests for DUIs are common, it’s important to work with a DUI attorney criminal defense throughout the legal process of requesting house arrest.

1. House Arrest Doesn’t Require Individuals to Stay Home All Day

Contrary to common belief, DUI house arrest does not always require individuals to stay home all day, every day. 

Though breaks from DUI house arrest are strict, they are sometimes permitted. Those under house arrest may be allowed to leave their homes for valid reasons, such as doctors’ appointments, alcohol or substance counseling, work, or school.

Individuals facing house arrest due to DUI charges should always err on the side of caution and ensure that their reasons for leaving their house are court-approved before leaving.

2. DUI House Arrests Cost

Oftentimes, if you are convicted of a DUI and put under house arrest, you will be required to pay for some house arrest fees out of pocket. For example, you may be required to pay for your own electronic monitoring device (in weekly or monthly installments) as well as pay for some of the additional monitoring costs associated with house arrest.

3. Breaking the Rules of House Arrest Has Severe Penalties

Breaking the rules of a DUI house arrest means that an individual will be required to serve out the remainder of their sentence in jail. There are no second chances when the rules of house arrest are broken. Instead, the consequences are immediate and severe.

4. Is it Possible to Get a House Arrest Sentence Instead of Jail Time?

Jail time (ranging from 24-hours to several months) is very common with DUI convictions. However, in some cases, house arrest may be an alternative to jail time. While it’s not extremely common, if the individual convicted of a DUI is the primary care provider for their children or has a chronic illness, the case for house arrest becomes stronger. 

As these factors do not ensure that an individual will get house arrest instead of jail time, it’s essential for those charged with a DUI to work with a defense attorney. If their goal is to get house arrest in lieu of jail time, a seasoned DUI attorney is essential.

Work With a DUI Defense Attorney

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or yourself facing DUI charges, working with a DUI attorney is important as DUI charges are very serious and severe. An individual’s future and their criminal record should never be gambled with, so if you or someone you know is facing DUI charges and house arrest, contact a DUI attorney today.

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