14 January, 2021

How much does a DUI cost over ten years? If you are facing first-time DUI charges, you may not be aware just how much a DUI has the potential to cost over the long term.

This article dives into all of the charges associated with a DUI in Washington State in order to help drivers understand what they’re up against and what measures they should take to reduce DUI charges. How Much Does a DUI Cost Over Ten Years

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How Much Does a DUI Cost?

DUIs cost drivers much more than the initial fine and have the potential to follow drivers for the rest of their lives.

A question our DUI attorney, Matthew Leyba gets asked frequently is, “how much does a DUI cost?” And, “how much does a DUI cost over ten years?”

In short, the answer is disheartening and very expensive.

The average cost of a DUI in Washington State is about $4,000, but can climb to over $30,000. Continue reading for a simple breakdown of some of the additional costs associated with a DUI in Washington that can make this number even more expensive.

  • Attorney fees: the average cost of working with a DUI attorney in Washington State is $2,000. If you want to know the specifics of how much a DUI attorney will cost you, you should schedule an initial consultation with your attorney of choice.
  • First-time DUI fine: $940.50. If it is your second DUI conviction the fine will be around $1,200.
  • Lost wages: those convicted of a DUI will spend a minimum of one day in jail and a maximum of 364 days in jail. Calculating lost wages is difficult due to the length of time these sentences may vary, but suffice it to say that a DUI charge has the potential to take a year’s worth of your earnings. If you work in transportation, a DUI can cost you your career.
  • IID: an ignition interlock device will cost drivers around $1,300 for the first year. If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, Washington State requires you to use an IID for at least a year if you wish to begin driving again.
  • Alcohol education program: drivers convicted of DUIs are often made to attend an alcohol education program at their own expense. These courses can range between $175 to $400.
  • Possible towing fees: if your vehicle was towed following your DUI arrest, you will be required to pay the towing fee.
  • Increased vehicle insurance costs: on average, vehicle insurance will increase in cost around 45% following a DUI in Washington State.
  • Lost future opportunities: a DUI conviction will follow you for years to come. It will affect your current work status and limit future job opportunities and career prospects.

How Much Does a DUI Cost Over Ten Years?

So how much does a DUI cost over ten years? The answer — more than you can afford.

If you’ve recently been charged with a DUI and you want to protect your future prospects and financial stability, enlist the services of a seasoned DUI attorney.

A DUI attorney will be able to draw from all of the evidence in order to have your DUI penalties and fines reduced as much as possible.

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