17 August, 2020

How To Get My License Back After a DUI

DUI charges should always be taken very seriously. Not only can they result in steep fines, jail time, and mandatory counseling, they are almost always accompanied by a license suspension.

If you are working to get your license back after serving or fulfilling your DUI sentence, here are some actionable steps for getting your license back.

How to Get My License Back After a DUI

Here are several steps you can take towards getting your license back after a DUI. The road to having your license reinstated is a difficult one, but with a responsible approach and a skilled DUI attorney at, Leyba Defense there is hope.

1. Work With a DUI Attorney

Getting your license back after DUI charges is infinitely easier when you are working with a DUI attorney. This is especially true if you want to attempt to have your license reinstated sooner than the initial sentence.

Many individuals rely on driving privileges to commute from work or school every day. This means that without a license, navigating school or work commutes become much more difficult. If you would like to have the judge consider reinstating your license sooner rather than later, working with a DUI attorney is essential.

2. Attend DUI Court Hearing

Make sure that you attend your DUI court hearing with your DUI attorney. You will be allowed to present your case during your DUI hearing.

This is when your DUI attorney will request earlier license reinstatement and prove that you will drive responsibly in the future. If it is your first DUI, you have a greater chance of having your license reinstated as your attorney will be able to prove that you have always been a careful driver in the past.

3. Follow All Driving Restrictions and Requirements

If you are trying to get your license back after DUI charges, make sure that you follow all court-ordered driving restrictions and requirements to the letter. Complete any programs, counseling, traffic school, and pay the fees required.

The first step to getting your license back after a DUI is to carefully follow every restriction placed on you. This shows that you are serious about driving more responsibly in the future and having your license reinstated.

Contact a Reliable DUI Defense Attorney Today

Here at Leyba Defense, we’ve been in the business of defending drivers for more than 10 years. We understand that DUI charges may be brought against a driver for several different reasons.

DUIs can result from driving after having taken prescription medicine, mistakenly thinking you are sober enough to drive, or in some cases, even false breathalyzer results.

Whatever reason you find yourself facing DUI charges, it’s essential that you work with a DUI defense attorney. DUI charges remain on your record for years and can cause a lot of issues for individuals (professionally and practically).

To schedule your first consultation with a skilled DUI attorney, contact Leyba Defense today. Matthew Leyba is a seasoned DUI and criminal defense attorney who has been serving residents in the Seattle area for more than a decade. Give Leyba Defense a call to start building your case towards license reinstatement.