28 April, 2020

Facing DUI charges can lead to legal complications, daily inconveniences, distrust among family, and a permanent stain on your criminal record. It’s no wonder that facing DUI charges is anxiety-inducing for so many.

While you may feel confused and unsure what legal actions to take following DUI charges, it’s very important that you act accordingly and swiftly to mitigate the damage that a DUI could do to your future.

3 Tips to beating a DUI

Why it’s Important to Contest DUI Charges

There are several reasons why it is important to contest and attempt to beat DUI charges.

  1. DUI charges will appear on your permanent record and will be found any time a background check is run on you.
  2. You may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle following DUI charges. These devices may sometimes detect traces of alcohol (if you ate pasta cooked with wine for instance) and lock, preventing you from driving home.
  3. DUI charges may affect your career or future career opportunities.
  4. You may face license suspension for a year or longer.
  5. You may face increased car insurance rates following DUI charges.
  6. You may be charged with a DUI even if you were not above the legal limit of .08 BAC. While there are only a few scenarios in which this might happen, it is worth noting that it is possible to get DUI charges while under the limit of .08 BAC.

As you can see, there are numerous lasting consequences of getting DUI charges. In order to protect your future, it’s essential to fight DUI charges to decrease the likelihood of legal repercussions.

1. Remain Silent Until You’ve Spoken With a DUI Attorney

This is the first and often most destructive mistake that drivers make, talking with the officer who pulled them over. It is so crucial to your case that you speak with a DUI defense attorney before talking with an officer. Officers are often equipped with body cams and audio recording devices, so anything said during an arrest or from your car window may be used to show your impairment.

2. Prove That the Officer had no Cause for Stopping You

Police officers must have a probable cause for stopping and detaining you (e.g. you were exhibiting reckless driving behaviors, ran a red light, etc.). If you were not exhibiting any symptoms of driving while impaired, then the officer had no probable cause for stopping you and you may file for a motion to suppress evidence.

3. Prove the Breathalyzer Test Was Faulty

Breathalyzer tests are by no means flawless, they have been known to get results wrong. A breathalyzer test results may be influenced by factors such as the breathalyzer itself being broken, errors made while performing the test, medical conditions that the driver has, and more.

If your DUI is the result of a faulty breathalyzer result you should fight such DUI charges with the best legal help available to you.

Fight DUI Charges With a Reliable DUI Defense Attorney

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