22 April, 2021

For individuals charged with a federal or state crime, it’s a good idea to get the services of a criminal
defense attorney. A criminal defense lawyer can play a crucial role during criminal proceedings.

criminal defense lawyer

What is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal law entails complex legislation that the average individual is unlikely to grasp. Criminal defense
lawyers are trained to dissect cases and seek a favorable case outcome. Without them, you could be
staring at hefty fines, lengthy prison sentences, or the death penalty.

What Do Criminal Lawyers Do?

These attorneys provide services throughout the justice process—from pretrial to trial to sentencing.

Case Assignment

The most prominent defense attorney role involves representing criminal offenders. The court can
assign you a lawyer, or you could directly contact an independent lawyer of your choice.

Case Details

Case preparation is part of what criminal defense attorneys do. Once you contact a lawyer, they will
schedule a meeting, then ask specific questions.
Based on your answers to said questions, the lawyer will analyze the strengths and vulnerabilities of
your case. The more details you give, the better they can represent you.

Case Investigation

After obtaining case details, the lawyer will proceed to investigate more. The investigation process
● Interviewing witnesses
● Questioning the arresting officers
● Preparing testimonies
● Examining the prosecution’s case

Analyzing Evidence

Courts only acquit criminal defendants when they find reasonable doubts or the case lacks a burden of
proof. The role of a defense attorney in facilitating an acquittal is to analyze evidence and unearth
By closely examining case theories and facts, the attorney determines what works for and against the
defendant. They are bound to maintain confidentiality when dealing with information supplied by the

Jury Selection

The US Constitution and every state’s laws give the right to trial by jury in criminal cases. Lawyers are
instrumental in helping judges pick juries.
A criminal defense lawyer may influence the removal of a juror if that juror indicates (or is known to
have) a bias against the defendant.

Plea Bargaining

If the lawyer believes you stand no chance against the prosecution’s case, they will enter into a plea
agreement. During the plea bargain, the defense lawyer will negotiate for a reduced charge or minimal

Trial Engagement

When asked what a criminal defense lawyer does, most people imagine something from the movies.
While actual trials are rarely that dramatic, a lawyer’s duty to argue your case while discrediting the
prosecutor’s evidence is no less important.
In court, the role of the defense attorney is to:
● Interrogate your witnesses
● Cross-examine the prosecution’s witness
● Be objective throughout the trial
● Convince the jury of your innocence
If the trial doesn’t go your way, the defense attorney will assist with the appeal process.
Not every street lawyer is up to the task. Seek out a seasoned criminal defense attorney.
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