10 September, 2021

Facing criminal charges is a terrifying thing. 

Not only does it create complex, stressful legal situations, but the consequences of criminal charges can also follow individuals for a lifetime — affecting their future career potential, car insurance rates, employment opportunities, and more. 

If you or a loved one has found yourself facing criminal charges, continue reading this article to learn about your legal options or get in touch with Leyba Defense today.


criminal defense lawyers


What Is a Criminal Lawyer? 

At this point, you’re probably wondering — What are criminal defense lawyers and how can they help me?

A criminal law lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in criminal justice and law. They work with those who are facing criminal charges to ensure that they are fairly represented in their court case and do not face unjust sentencing. 


What Kind of Cases Does a Crime Lawyer Work With? 

Criminal cases are quite expansive and cover a wide range of offenses. 

Common examples of criminal cases include: 

  • Substance abuse cases: including unlawful possession or sale of narcotics. 
  • Property damage or invasion cases: actions such as burglary, arson, and vehicle theft are included in this category. 
  • Violent crime-related offenses: including assault, rape, manslaughter, and murder. 
  • Disorderly conduct offenses: these include public disturbances (what constitutes a public disturbance varies from state to state). 
  • Fraud cases: these may include identity theft, scams, or some other type of financial fraud. 
  • Domestic cases: domestic abuse cases may include acts of physical violence, sex offenses, and any other action that is used to terrify or intimidate others of the same household. 
  • Alcohol-related offenses: these include DUIs, violating state or county-specific liquor laws, and drunkenness.


Benefits of Working With Criminal Lawyers During Your Case

Now that we’ve answered the question, “what is a criminal justice lawyer,” let’s take a look at how a criminal defense attorney can help.

Some of the benefits of working with a criminal defense attorney include: 

  • Defense lawyers have extensive knowledge of the legal system surrounding criminal justice. 
  • They can assist those facing criminal charges in lowering or avoiding altogether heavy fines and large penalties. 
  • They have years of experience working in criminal law and understand what negotiating tactics are likely to be effective. 


Contact an Experienced Criminal Justice Lawyer Today 

Facing criminal charges of any kind leads to a very dire legal situation for anyone involved. Not only do criminal charges lead to extensive legal stress, they also have the ability to affect those involved long into the future. 

This is why leaving the legal outcome of any criminal case to chance is highly detrimental. 

Rather than leave your future and legal standing to the hands of chance, enlist the services of a qualified criminal defense lawyer to ensure that you get the best representation and defense possible. 

Here at Leyba Defense, our firm has been working with individuals who are facing criminal charges in the Greater Seattle Area. During our years of experience working in criminal law, we’ve gained unique insight into the justice system and our firm wants to use our knowledge and expertise to help those who need representation. 

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