22 January, 2021

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the insanity defense, what it means, and what using the insanity defense would look like in different cases. 

While the insanity defense has undergone a lot of changes from the time it was first used, this article outlines some of the key attributes of the insanity defense and gets into what percentage of all criminal cases use the insanity defense. 

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Insanity Defense

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What Percentage Of All Criminal Cases Uses the Insanity Defense?

So what percentage of all criminal cases use the insanity defense? Despite its popularity in news coverage and media, only a small number of cases actually use this defense, with only about 1% of criminal cases using the insanity defense. 

Even fewer cases successfully use it, as studies show that when the insanity defense is used, only around 30 cases per year have the court rule in their favor. 

What Happens When the Insanity Defense Is Used?

While in the past, the burden of proof was placed on the prosecutor to show that the defendant was not insane at the time of committing the crime (and thus capable of understanding the gravity of his/her criminal actions), this standard has changed, and now many states require the defense team to demonstrate that the defendant was insane at the time the crime was committed.

Many states have also changed or eliminated the insanity defense entirely. Rather than stating the defendant not guilty by reason of insanity, many states now rule the defendant guilty but legally insane (whereby the defendant may then be committed to institutionalization at a psychiatric facility).

When a defendant uses the insanity defense, there is a process used to establish or determine insanity via a series of tests. These tests include:

  • The M’Naghten Rule
  • The Durham Rule 
  • The Irresistible Impulse Test
  • The Model Penal Code Insanity Test

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