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    DUI Defense Attorney Renton WA

    DUI arrest can be an extremely serious and scary experience. After this arrest, you are likely feeling stressed, embarrassed, and scared for your future. It is important to know what is coming and how to make the  DUI defense process as simple and stress-free as possible.

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    For most Renton DUI arrests, an individual will face two separate legal actions from the State of Washington:

    • Suspension of driver’s license
    • Facing the DUI charge in court

    It is important to know what to expect as well as your rights before taking any legal action.

    License Suspension

    When arrested for a DUI, the Washington State Department of Licensing will take action almost immediately — whether you are formally charged with a DUI in court or not. Soon after the arrest, you will receive a letter for license suspension. This suspension can be contested, but not without meeting strict form and payment deadlines as well as meeting different qualifications based on age, prior offenses, blood alcohol level at the time of arrest, etc.

    It is important to be fully informed in order to successfully avoid a Washington State license suspension. A Renton DUI defense lawyer will help guide you through the suspension process and help you find ways to alleviate the impact if a suspension is required.

    DUI in Court

    Once formally charged with a DUI, you will receive notice of a court date in the mail. At this court date, charges will be read, and you will have the chance to formally enter a plea. At this time, other conditions may be set as well, including bail and/or other release conditions. Another DUI hearing will then be scheduled. At this hearing, you will continue your case to another pretrial hearing, plead guilty, or accept a plea deal if one is offered. You can also maintain that you are not guilty and push your case to trial.

    A Renton DUI attorney is invaluable throughout this process. They can advise on available options, provide solution advice, and provide any additional assistance you may need as you prepare for trial.

    DUI Defense Attorney Renton WA

    DUI Arrest

    A Renton drunk driving attorney can be a valuable asset for anyone recently involved in a DUI arrest. A qualified, experienced, and trusted DUI attorney can assist you in building a strong defense to fight a DUI charge successfully. Along with assisting in the license suspension process, a drunk driving lawyer can work with you to collect reliable evidence to build a strong defense to present in court.

    Marijuana DUI

    A marijuana DUI arrest is very similar to an alcohol DUI arrest. Renton marijuana DUI penalties often include charges of 1 to 364 days in jail, hefty fines, license suspension, probation, and chemical dependency assessments. An experienced Renton Marijuana DUI attorney can help explain the charges, assist with penalties, explain options, gather evidence, and defend in court.

    Renton DUI Attorney

    Matthew Leyba is an experienced, successful, and trusted DUI defense attorney in Renton, WA. He is committed to collecting evidence, preparing cases, and communicating with clients. He is able to confidently assist in all areas of the DUI arrest including defending in court. For more information, or for a free 60-minute consultation, contact Matthew Leyba at 206-504-3131 or fill out this contact form.