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    DUI Lawyer in North Bend

    Getting arrested for a DUI is both stressful and embarrassing, and, usually, results in two separate legal actions. These are taken by the State of Washington against the person arrested for the DUI. First, the State will attempt to suspend the driver’s license, and secondly, the driver will face the legal justice system.

    At Leyba Defense, we specialize in providing legal representation for DUI and criminal charges. We offer legal representation throughout King and Snohomish Counties.

    DUI Lawyer in North Bend

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    North Bend License Suspension

    Contesting a license suspension in North Bend is a complex process. There are form and payment deadlines involved, and other factors like blood alcohol level at the time of the crash, prior offenses, and insurance issues. An experienced, North Bend DUI defense lawyer will work and find solutions to avoid license suspension and, if possible, can find ways to help soften the blow of the suspension.

    DUI Charge in Court

    In case you are officially charged with a DUI offense, you will receive a court date where you will enter a plea bargain, and the charges will be read to you formally. There are other elements that may be set to order, such as release conditions (e.g. bail). After the initial court date, you will schedule another pretrial hearing where you can accept a plea offered and plead guilty or maintain that you are not guilty, setting your case for trial.

    At Leyba Defense, we provide DUI defense throughout the entire legal process, advising you on all available solutions. We provide additional assistance as you prepare your case for trial.

    DUI arrests can be confusing, hard-to-handle situations. Have the right legal representation can make the process simpler, and assure the best possible outcome. If you are ever involved in a DUI arrest, contact Leyba Defense today. Our seasoned legal team will help you get the best result, so contact us today by filling out our online contact form.