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    Sammamish DUI Defense Attorney

    Facing a DUI arrest is very serious, and it must be handled with great caution. The very arrest itself is a tremendous source of anxiety and embarrassment to the individual involved, but it may also come along with two additional and separate legal actions. Put into motion by the State of Washington, these legal actions specifically target anybody who has been arrested for a DUI. Following a DUI arrest, you can expect the State of Washington to take the following actions:

    • Move to suspend your driver’s license
    • Begin the legal justice system process

    With a stronger understanding of the type of consequences you may face following a DUI arrest, you will have the confidence required to comfortably deal with this critical and stress-inducing situation. You can expect the State of Washington to do the following in the wake of a Sammamish DUI arrest.

    Sammamish DUI Defense Attorney

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    Suspension of the Driver’s License

    When the State of Washington has recommended that your driver’s license be suspended, it is difficult to contest. The process for contesting a driver’s license suspension is made to be difficult, not only due to strict deadlines for form submissions and payments, but also due to the varying degrees of eligibility for doing so.

    The State of Washington’s eligibility requirements for contesting a driver’s license suspension include, but are not limited to, your prior offense history, potential insurance, and your blood alcohol level at the approximate time of your DUI arrest. A Sammamish DUI defense lawyer is instrumental in helping you to identify the different ways of avoiding the license suspension completely, as well as controlling the damage and consequences caused by the suspension if the State of Washington proceeds despite the contest.

    Facing a DUI in Court

    Being formally charged with a DUI in the State of Washington means that you will have your charges presented in court at an assigned date. At this time, you will formally enter a plea. Furthermore, the DUI court session may come along with a few additional components that are set into motion, which include bail as well as special provisions of release. After this formal court session, you will be assigned and scheduled for another DUI hearing where you will be able to move your case to a pretrial hearing, plead guilty, or choose to accept any available type of plea deal. As an additional option, you are able to assert that you are not guilty of the DUI charge and set your case in motion for a full-fledged trial.

    If handled incorrectly or hastily, this process may have severe consequences; working with a Sammamish DUI defense attorney guarantees access to the best knowledge of your options and an ideal solution that fits your case and your needs. The attorney is also available to offer any further aid as you make your preparations before a trial.

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    Drunk Driving

    Have you recently undergone a DUI arrest? If so, you will find a Sammamish drunk driving defense attorney to be a powerful ally in constructing a formidable, reliable defense that allows you to contest the DUI charge with the most desirable outcome. Doing just more than simply offering assistance in coping with a license suspension, a drunk driving lawyer is able to help you put together a professional defense that can be presented in court with absolute confidence.

    Marijuana DUI

    The process of being charged with a marijuana DUI is inherently similar to that of a standard alcohol DUI. A marijuana DUI comes along with the same potential risks and legal actions as an alcohol DUI, to include the risk of license suspension. Generally, the penalties for a Sammamish marijuana DUI include jail time that can range from 1 to 364 days, a large fine, having your driver’s license suspended, five years of legal probation, and a professional assessment to identify if you are chemically dependent and require rehabilitation.

    By working directly with you, a Sammamish marijuana DUI attorney is able to help you understand what charges you are facing and what your best courses of action are. The support of a Sammamish marijuana DUI lawyer means access to a powerful ally who can present your options, compile essential evidence, and be ready to defend you in court.

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