1 July, 2019

There are many repercussions that come with a DUI conviction. These can include the loss of driving privileges, hefty fines, and of course, an increase in your insurance rates. The rise in your insurance costs can vary depending on your specific case, but being tagged as a risky driver is never a cheap feat.

Getting charged with drunk driving is never a good thing, especially if you want to keep your insurance costs low. But, in some cases, you may be able to contest the DUI charge and avoid getting sentenced in the first place.

In this article, we’ll go over insurance rates after DUI convictions and the factors that affect the cost of your policy. And, we’ll also discuss how an experienced DUI attorney can help you fight unfair drunk driving in order to keep your record clean.

Insurance Rate after a DUI

Factors that Affect Your Insurance Rates

Aside from a DUI charge, there are many elements that affect the cost of your insurance rates. Some of these are in your control, while others depend on factors that are impossible to manage.

Furthermore, if it’s not your first drunk driving conviction, you may have to find providers that offer special DUI insurance rates, which are usually higher than normal premiums.

Here are some factors that affect the cost of your car insurance.

Age, Gender and Other Demographic Aspects

Statistically speaking, there are many demographic factors that insurance providers take into consideration when providing a quote. For example, your marital status, age, gender, and geographical location can all affect your premiums. Whether you get a DUI conviction or not.

Your Vehicle

The vehicle you drive will also influence the insurance premiums you get. Some cars have features designed to help prevent car accidents, which can lower the cost of your policy. Likewise, vehicles that are deemed less safe may increase your insurance expenses.

Driving History

Your driving history is one of the factors that will affect your insurance costs the most. Drivers that get charged with a first-time DUI will still pay higher premiums, but their policies won’t be as expensive as repeat offenders. People who have multiple DUI charges or other negative points in their driving history will pay the highest rates.

How Much Does Your Insurance Go Up After a DUI?

If you’re asking yourself “how much does your insurance go up after a DUI?” then you’re not the only one. It’s important to understand that all cases are different. Besides your age and other factors, aspects like your blood alcohol level and whether you caused an accident or not will also determine the cost of your insurance after a DUI.

Recent studies suggest the average increase in the cost of an insurance policy after a DUI is almost 87%. In other words, if your policy costs $1,000 per year, you’ll end up paying close to $1,900 – almost twice as much. This represents a hefty rise in costs, especially for folks who rely on their car for professional reasons.

How Long Does a DUI Affect Your Insurance

If you are wondering how long does a DUI affect your insurance costs, it depends on each individual provider. DUIs stay on your record for a while, but insurers usually focus on the last three to five years when determining your rate.

It’s common for insurance companies to require drivers to have a clean driving record in the past 35 months in order to qualify for a normal policy. In case this requirement is not met, the driver would likely have to apply for a DUI insurance policy, which will cost more money.

How an Experienced Attorney Can Help Fight a DUI Charge?

Instead of having to find a provider that offers DUI insurance policies, you can also opt to fight the drunk driving charges. Although this may be tougher for folks who have a record for bad driving, there are many circumstantial factors that can affect the validity of a DUI charge.

This is where a seasoned DUI attorney comes in.

By consulting with a seasoned lawyer, you can identify any discrepancies and potentially avoid the charge altogether. It’s not uncommon for an innocent person to be prosecuted and by working with a reliable law firm will ensure that you always get the best possible result.

Here are some ways that a DUI attorney can help fight drunk driving charges.

Analyze Every Aspect of Your Case

There are many aspects that come into play during a DUI arrest. From probable cause to breath tests, medical conditions, dietary habits, field sobriety tests, and the behavior of the police officer can affect the outcome of the case. A seasoned attorney will analyze all of these elements that try to find an inconsistency that can help prove you are not guilty.

Take Care of Court Proceedings

Despite the fact that some require the presence of the client, a DUI attorney can take care of most court proceedings and paperwork. This can save you a monumental amount of time, allow you to stay on top of your professional responsibilities, and help you understand the different options you have at all times.

Collect Evidence that Proves Your Innocence

Even if it may not seem obvious at first, there may be evidence suggesting your innocence. Weather conditions, signs of police misconduct, passengers that can serve as witnesses, and video footage can all influence the case. In these cases, having an attorney by your side can help discover and track down the pieces of information that may help prove that there is no base for the DUI.

Find a Reliable DUI Attorney that Helps Build a Winning Case

Getting a DUI undoubtedly brings a number of bad consequences. But, having high insurance rates is a long-lasting repercussion that can potentially increase your expenses by thousands of dollars.

That said, you may be able to avoid getting charged and keep your insurance rates low by hiring an experienced DUI lawyer.

If you need to find a reliable DUI law firm, don’t hesitate to contact Leyba Defense and our team of seasoned attorneys will be glad to help.